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Secure and Optimized TLS

By Cyrus Khamak 4 Years 3 Weeks ago

This article is part of a web performance and web optimization series I had promised you at the bottom of this page. The main purpose of this topic is to have a basic understanding of how a network connection that uses TLS/SSL gets started and how this process may affect a website’s performance and page load speed. Furthermore, let us try to make sure that we install our TLS correctly, set up our server optimally and make sure that the installed TLS gives us the intended protection against the bad guys. In the meantime, there seem to be a confusion regarding TLS and SSL, so le...

Optimized tools will boost your bottom line

By Cyrus Khamak 4 Years 1 Month ago

This is what inspired me to write this article: Facebook was A/B testing an ad publishing functionality on some of its pages. So, I responded by publishing an ad on one of our pages and forgot all about it. When I visited Facebook “home” page a little later, I saw our ad with what I thought at the time, a “nasty” comment on it. The comment read as follows:

 “ If you're going to start spamming us with s**tt I'm going to unlike the...

How SolidcodeUs was scammed

By Cyrus Khamak 4 Years 2 Months ago

On March 29th, 2016, solidCodeUs received an email which seemed to be coming from a large company that most of us already know about. In this email, they stated that solidCodeUs had been chosen to lead the development of a banking application, with a business model such as PayPal. They had also demanded that the project needed to be fully developed and delivered  "in less than 5 weeks time". In our reply, we emphasized the fact that there were so much involved in building a banking application such as PayPal that it would make it impossible for us to successfully build and...