By Cyrus Khamak

2 years 1 month ago

Optimized tools will boost your bottom line

This is what inspired me to write this article: Facebook was A/B testing an ad publishing functionality on some of its pages. So, I responded by publishing an ad on one of our pages and forgot all about it. When I visited Facebook “home” page a little later, I saw our ad with what I thought at the time, a “nasty” comment on it. The comment read as follows:

  “If you're going to start spamming us with s**tt I'm going to unlike the page. Don't do it (page name), we get spammed on FB enough ads as it is.”

At first, I thought that I should ban this person from the page. But soon after, I realized the great service she had done by reminding me that people are tired of seeing intrusive ads. After all, is this not how I feel myself, when I see some of these ads popping into my face?!

I remember sometime in the mid-1990s, a High school friend of mine called me up. He sounded excited, started shouting... “Cyrus, I read the email you sent me and it felt so exciting reading a letter on my monitor”.

Back then, finding anything on the internet was exciting and content was so rare and so precious. Over the years, as you well know, the internet has grown tremendously and especially during the past few years content output has increased immensely. In fact, statistics show that this year on the Internet, we have more than doubled the content we had just a year ago! This content is not only put out by those of us who just want to share things with friends and family, but also by those who are engaged in sales, business SEO and promotional practices.

Social media platforms have been a great venue for businesses to gather followers and potential customers online. This has made it easier for them to publish their content and to market their products to prospective buyers. The incredible rise in content marketing, however, has forced these platforms to apply stronger and stronger algorithms to limit content distribution. Besides the economic incentives of paid reach, the aim of these platforms has been to cut down the clutter and show more relevant and more desirable content to viewers.

As you may have noticed, content marketing has become exceedingly challenging on social media and the reasons may be some of the following:

        In the new age of increasingly interconnected cyber world, we are being more and more active on the internet and as a result, we are more and more very very "busy"! We have Facebook, G+, Linkedin, Reddit, Instagram, Tumbler, MeetUp, VK and you name it. In the meantime, we also have to keep our full-time jobs, being a mom, a dad, a husband or a wife. We would like to watch our favorite shows on cable and TV and at the same time return all “likes” and comments on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere.

As you can see, we are very, very "busy" and for a business to grab our attention, it needs to be more prepared and more creative in order to engage us and possibly improve its bottom line.

At this point, you may have already been discouraged from starting your new online business. In fact, time has never been more auspicious and the process to start a new business or expand your existing one has never been as easy as it is now. You can get your online business started with relatively low investment, develop a social media presence, buy efficient targeted ads and instantly have a global reach. You have the potential to expand your small business faster and more efficiently than ever before. In doing so, clever marketing, optimized tools, strategy building and developing business innovations will certainly help your business grow and would help boost your bottom line.

Long gone are the days of "If you build it they will come."

This article is not about building business strategies, nor is it about the merits of the Internet and how it may have affected our business and personal lifestyles. This is rather about understanding the fact that there are real competitions out there and we must build strategies to excel and outshine them. If your business has a presence on social media such as Facebook for instance, don't think for a minute that you can litter your timeline with ads and lay back and watch your business grow. If you are thinking of spending some money on ads to promote your business, maybe it would be a good idea to spend some of that money to directly benefit your fans. After all, it is our fans who eventually support, sustain and grow our business on these platforms and not the big advertising agencies. In today's information overload and addiction to instant gratification, we must be more and be more creative to reach the right prospects, grab their attention, convert and keep them as loyal customers. The quicker this happens, of course, the faster the business will grow.

Often times, however, the challenges of a small business are not lack of knowledge and know-how but rather shortage of time, money and inability to delegate vital operations to professionals.

As a small business, we understand and can relate to these challenges quite well. While Solidcode US is not a marketing agency to help its clients in that sense, it does, however, relate to the urgencies that a small business faces. It feels privileged to be part of your success and It would pay serious attention to building you the optimized tools that would help your business grow. To further elaborate and expand on this vision, please anticipate 3 coming articles on the following topics:

1. Web Performance. Website performance has officially ben a search engine ranking factor dor some time. Also, many studies have shown that even milliseconds of compromise in page upload time, can tremendously impact your profit and your bottom line. For this reason, alone, it builds optimized applications with an upload speed of one-second range. This is extremely important as it does not want your customers to have to wait for this before they have a chance to see the important content on your site:

2. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the art of applying a collection of marketing strategies to increase our website visibility on the Internet. In order for this to happen, no single method works effectively all by itself, except for on-page SEO. So, in design and development process of your website, Solidcode US will do its part in paying special attention to on-page SEO. This is so, because once online, it wants your website to be more visible and more searchable so that you may start experiencing this:

3. According to Duke University survey, over 80% of all large or small US companies have been successfully hacked. Solidcode US takes this issue seriously and would use best practices in web security to minimize your chances of some day seeing this:

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