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Rising Artists 2016

Cyrus Khamak

3 Years 5 Months ago

By Popular demand, once again, we are publishing a list of Rising Artists amateur Photographers. If you have been following the activities on the page, you may remember that periodically we published the following:

  • 1_Best photos in several categories,
  • 2_Popular Photographers from different parts of the globe.
  • 3_Most contributors to a certain acrivity or category
  • 4_Rising Artists
  • 5_Featured Portfolios.
  • Fans Awards and more...


How do you become a Rising Artist?

Rising Artists are chosen by the following 3 methods:

1_You may consider an amateur artist that you admire and submit a link to their pages or timelines to the page admin.  You can do this by just sending a message to the page. If they are approved, they will be published as recommended by you.

2_We visit your page or timeline. If we see 5 or more outstanding photos, you will be a considered for Rising Artists feature.

3_If at least 3 of your photos have been published on THIS page, send us the links and you will also be considered for Rising Artists publish.

As requested by you, we MAY consider a worthy reward for the top 3 Rising Artists that are most favored by YOU. 

So, please send links to your favorite artist to admin. In the meantime, the following is a list of Rising Artists you have chosen so far and they will be featured on the page.

Tammy Nash

Tammy Nash